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Welcome to the portfolio page. This is some of my work... not all of it though. Just the highlights. I hope you like what you see. Please remember that websites are living documents and change unexpectedly. These projects reflect how the websites looked when I worked on them. They may look different now!


Business Building Basics

More About BBB Training
Business Building Basics is slated to become the online iteration of my business building courses. What began as a glorified FAQ page in 2008, eventually evolved into live presentation classes. I completed creating the syllibus & content and launched the program in 2010.

I ran the live presentation classes using a variety of different broadcast methods until 2013. The next logical evolutionary step was to convert the live presentations to an online training program. Currently, the classes are in the midst of being converted, however my current work schedule doesn't allow for much time to complete the conversion OR resume performing live presentations.

Smart Website Development

More About Smart
Smart Website Development is my freelance website business. I officially opened the doors in 2009 after a 23 year career in the construction industry. It was a natural fit, because I've always been a geek at heart. And building a website is quite similar to building a structure; start with a strong foundation and you'll be able to add to it as time goes by.

That's why Smart focuses on websites driven by Comtent Management Systems (CMS). These CMS's are powerful frameworks that make it easy to make edits and revisions to your website without any knowledge of code whatsoever. Find out more at Smart Website Development.

PhotoVision Inc. Properties

Group Travel Videos

More About GTV
Group Travel Videos is the flagship product of PhotoVision, Inc. An online application for private group image sharing during travel. Comprised of a website, two apps and a seperate administrative application (along with some fancy scripting), this application is quite complex. It's target market is scholistic travel groups such as class trips to Washington D.C, or college football bowl games.

I was responsible for maintaining the application as it existed upon my arrival, as well as making seasonal edits and revisions as required. Also researched and developed adding an online streaming feature (similar to Facebook Live) to the existing system. The prototype was successful, but unfortunately the company was lacking the resources to implement. There were some issues determining the pricing model of such a feature, so the project was scrapped.

PhotoVision Inc.

More About PhotoVision
The PhotoVision website is the corporate website for PhotoVision, Inc. It is also an online application that is very similar to Group Travel Videos. Oddly, not the flagship product, it's simply geared to a different target market than GTV. It is also comprised of a website, two apps and a seperate administrative application (and yes, more fancy scripting). It's target market is weddings, family reunions and sporting events. Think of those old disposable cameras, and everywhere they used to be used. It'just like that... but the camera is your phone...

I was responsible for maintaining the application as it existed upon my arrival, as well as making seasonal edits and revisions as required. The online streaming feature was slated to be integrated into this application as well. They couldn't afford this feature on one web application, much less two...

Create A Video

More About Create A Video
Create A Video is the bricks-and-mortar subsidary of PhotoVision, Inc. It's primary service is transferring non-digital media to digitized formats. Since this has a finite lifespan, Create A Video is seeking additional revenue streams. Adding products such as PhotoMosaics, Silk Prints and Christmas Ornaments were implemented during my tenor. They are also trying to break into the promotional video market.

Moving the original website from it's original home on Windows Server 2008r2 to a Turnkey Linux Hub on Amazon AWS EC2 was simply impossible. Rebuilt the site from scratch and rewrote the content after performing SEO for local search phrases.

As of my departure, I was developing an online ordering system to the website for these products. As well as the ability for customers to ship in film reels tor transfer. And ship in photos for transfer. And have media extracted from their phones. Eventually the budgetary requirements for these upgrades made them unattainable.

The Power of Memories

More About The Power of Memories
The Power of Memories is an online repository where users can store their digital images. At least that's what it's supposed to be. It's message gets a little lost-in-the-sauce, so to speak. You'll never know unless you sign up. That was one of the things I was supposed to reorganize. I was responsible for the maintenance of the website.

I roadmapped the re-organization and began implementing it into the new Create A Video Website. Had this been incorporated into their online ordering system, they would have been able to convert their GTV and PhotoVision Apps to straight web services, and abandon their current Android and Apple Apps.

Unfortunately, my departure proceeded this implementation.

Highlights 2009 - 2015

MicroFocus Visual Cobol Demo Site

More About MicroFocus Visual Cobol
The MicroFocus Visual Cobol Demo site is an interesting project.It began when a friend and I took a Windows 7 Hypervisor running Visual Cobol, and added an HTML server and CMS. We discovered that we could process the visual cobol through the server and make it accessable over the internet.

Visual Cobol can be processed by several different methods. The demo site offers explanations of how to implement each method, the actual project files for download, and of course; working versions of basic Visual Cobol functions, such as data offiscation.

Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance

More About FARA
Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance is the main hub for resources for those suffering from the horrible disease of Friedreich's Ataxia. FA is similar to MS and those who suffer from it need a strong support system. The Research Alliance website combines many elements to help. Up-to-date news from the medical community, grass-root sponsored events and three different blogs converge to offer a one-stop shop for those in need.

Ablaze Communications

More About Ablaze Communications
Ablaze Communications is a marketing agency. When I first worked on this site, it was a Joomla original. I updated the CMS to the current version (2.5 at the time), and re-vamped the look and feel. Ablaze's strong-suit was print marketing. I have done several projects for them over the years, but nothing recently.

Debbi Harris Associates

More About Debbi Harris Associates
Debbi Harris Associates is a career consultancy service. Their original website was built sometime in the early 2000's. In 2011 Debbi hired me to bring her website up to current industry standards. Using content from her old site (and with some art direction from Debbi), we created a website that she and her associates are proud of.

Jen Phillips April

More About Jen Phillips April
Jen Phillips April is a copywriter and the original social media maven. When I worked on Jen's site, it was a bit outdated and did not work well on mobile devices. I added a responsive framework and a paint job to her existing website. This was just before the BlogHer Event in Chicago, during the summer of 2012.

Pack Web Asia

More About Pack Web Asia
PackWebAsia is the News Network for the Asian Packaging Community. It aggregates packaging news from around the globe to keep it's readers informed. It also supports a robust community that has been privatized for the packaging industry in Asia.

Oneray Transformation

More About Oneray Tramsformation
Oneray (honor-ray) Transformation is the website for Arlene Curley's  Comprehensive Practice for Healing and Transformation. The site features a robust blog and sections where Arlene can register for her workshops and seminars.


More About EpiCeram
EpiCeram is the product website for a topical skin care product produced and distributed by PuraCap® Pharmaceuticals. The site highlights the product and from time to time offers controlled runs of discount coupons. The coupon handler is written directly into the CMS, with information provided by the volume discount carrier.

TransCorp Spine

Estate Resources

Powering Possible

Aquatic Advocates

Crowned Beautiful

A Sweet Destination